HeLlO mY NaMe iS...

HeLlO mY NaMe iS...

Saturday, July 30, 2016

An Empty Cavern

She opens her eyes and the water encases her naked body like fluid concrete. 
The arms of the water pulling her deeper into her heavy, hollow surroundings.
"I've been here before." she thought to herself.
Eyes frozen open.
She could start to see the beginnings of her deep, cimmerian monster; coming towards her from the deepest part of the sea.
"he's here for me." she panicked.
the long, spindly tentacles moved mechanically up towards her frozen body; a hissing sound piercing the water, echoing through her frozen ears.
Sinking deeper, she felt her heart begin to race.
He almost has her.
She tried to close her eyes, she tried to swim away, but she was helpless. In a trance. Frozen in time.
A deep, dingy tentacle swirled around her torso.
"no..." she thought.
His grip tightened.
He pulled her in, down towards his distorted face.
"you are mine..." he hissed. but the words muffled through her ears.
Her racing heart was beginning to slow.
Something pounded against his chest, forming deep ripples across his void of a body.
Another pound. Down-reaching.
Pound. Pound. Pound.
Immersed in what she was seeing, the ripples opened up a hollow, dark cavity in his chest.
Her heart beat slowly.
A grin spread across his face.
He dragged her down towards the empty cavern of his chest.
She begs. Looking up at his immense dimensions, he says to her,
"You must feel the dark-ness, my dear one." The words slithering inside her head.
Swallowed whole by his cavern, she weeps.
His laugh only coming out like a deep buried whisper through the water.
The darkness closing in.
She pounds in slow motion, the walls of his dark cavity.
"You must feel the dark-ness, my dear one."

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