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its like walking back and forth. pacing. yes. no.
overfuckingjoyed. madness. red anger.
simple sadness.
having two bodies within one.
they hate each other.
i just want love. 
pure. happy.
loneliness bubble. and im stuck but im not.
trying to burst it with
my unheard screams.
holding hands.
walking forever.
on my knees begging.
not being heard.
am i really that quiet?
"yes i'm braking at the seams just like you"
she knows my heart.
trip-hopping through life. alone. alone.
satisfaction never satisfied.
kicked on the floor.
always cutting the ropes.
new change of scenery only when i close my eyes and dream.
smiling. flowers and butterflies.
struck by lightening. filled with hot electricity.
can't you feel my power?
i want to hold hands forever.
running. running far. tripping over myself.
"please could you stay awhile to share my grief."
see, she gets it.
don't you realize what we are?
just hold my fucking hand.
call my name.
look at me.
look at me.
as if seeing a billion shooting stars fly though the sky.
i want to feel good.
make me feel good.
really good.
didn't know i was falling this whole time.


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