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Honey Sunshine Chai Tea Warm Milk

Honey Sunshine Chai Tea Warm Milk

Last night I was watching my son sleep peacefully. The purple and orange Christmas lights hanging on the ceiling, shining down on his perfect, small, comfortable body; his small breaths; his little but strong chest moving up and then down. And I lie there with him, staring in wonder. A feeling of uneasiness settled in too. Worried. This little boy will continue to grow bigger and bigger, older and older, venturing out into the unknown. Staring down at his little neck that was openly tempting me to kiss it all over, not wanting to wake him. And I thought of his future girlfriend, or his wife, and thought: "How lucky she will be. THE luckiest girl in the world. To be able to kiss THAT neck. So passionately. Hold him dearly. Kiss him sweetly. Run her fingers through his hair. Caress his incredibly soft skin." And each time I thought these things, my tummy got warmer. My heart fluttered. Thinking of how he smells of honey and sunshine. Chai tea and warm milk. I realized th

Chaotic Nothingness

so tired of being hungry and not being able to eat anything. holding my breath waiting for you to speak up say what you want. i'm at a loss for words. confused in the chaos my fucking brain shoves in my face smearing it can't breathe the chaos is filling up my nostrils flaring stuck ears muffled by it the goop in my eyes cant open them or close them they just are. the putty spilling out of my mouth stuck in my throat gagging grasping my stomach holding it tight everything hurts i just want to hear it so say it! say something before i implode

Life Update!

Just wanted to share my latest video with you all! I have a new one coming up soon. Been editing it in small parts, but keep your eye open on YouTube and don't forget to subscribe!!!! Latest Video!

The Laundry

She walks off the elevator and takes a left. Walking down that same blueish-grey hallway, cold concrete floor, wondering who could possibly live in the basement. There was an apartment number down there! It gave her shivers every time she was next to it, as if she could feel someone looking at her through the peephole. Trying to shake the thought from her mind, she unlocks the glass door and walks cautiously into the laundry room. Alone. Again. Quiet. All the mailboxes in a long line, stacked upon each other; their silvery doors. She liked trying to memorize the apartment numbers. She huffed. "Okay, fine, I'll do it..." She sighed to herself, pulling the load of laundry beside her. Which washer should I choose this time? She liked to rotate the order, so every washer got a chance to be used. She grabbed the coin purse off the top of the pile of clothes and shook em just to hear the sound they made for her. Smiling. "Thank you for letting me to be