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Honey Sunshine Chai Tea Warm Milk


Her eyes, like broken stars
Her heart, a black hole where earthly creatures fall into
Her soul, like the dying sun
Her breath, like the ever changing moon, ebbing and flowing
Her skin, like the waves of the sea
Her mouth, like the sand of the desert
Her hair, like the roots of tall trees
Her fingers, like the roads of the country
Her feet like heavy mountains, resting harshly on the earth
Her mind like the wildflowers; growing, blooming, wilting, dying
Her belly, like a hurricane of butterflies
Her lips like the first snow; untouched
Her toes, like pebbles in a river
Her hips, like the caravans gypsies would travel

And she's too much
For even herself.

And not enough
For these constellations.

David is God

I have not written here in months....well....I have attempted to and never publish them because I am a scaredy-cat, so they sit in my drafts.
SO much has happened. First of all, this blog is a year old already, which I thought seemed off, but you know how time is. I know this has really mostly been an un-interactive blog for the most part, but it does bring many smiles to my face to see that people still come here to read my junk.
I love you all from the bottom of my heart.. <3

Okay, so I'm not going to get into many details here, because so much has happened the past few months. The end of 2016 was terrible. Lots of heart-ache. I also started back up at the college here and there are three days left of winter quarter and on to spring quarter. I am still aiming to be a psychiatrist, though I am mostly going with the flow to feel around and see what is right for me. If I could, I would gather all of the people that need guidance, confidence, strength, hope for life and love, and…