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Honey Sunshine Chai Tea Warm Milk

An Open Discussion About Homeschooling!

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To Homeschool....Or  NOT to Homeschool? THAT is the Question!

I had a question for those of you who have been homeschooled and also those that ARE the homeschoolers!

I've rolled around the idea of homeschooling David since I knew I was pregnant.
I absolutely love the idea of giving my son the best education he deserves!
Being able to give my complete devoted attention to him so that learning is much smoother.
Where school is about learning and not about popularity!
The only thing I worry about are the social aspects of homeschooling. And maybe it's because of the stereotypical thought that homeschooling prevents kids from becoming socially active or even socially accepted. I don't know much about it!
All I know is that it's something I'm highly considering, and I'd like to hear from real people who have truths to say about their homeschooling time. What you loved, hated, didn't care too much for, and the social aspects of homeschooling. That goes for you parents too!
I didn't really have friends in school until fifth grade. And that friendship didn't last very long!
I developed social anxiety even in public school!
I don't ever want my boy to go through that. Whether it's through public school or through homeschool...
I would love to homeschool David, but I also feel.....selfish? For keeping him away?
Not that I think he'll be shut away from the world, I just worry about developing his social skills!
Okay, so I'm leaving it to you guys to give me all your input and feedback on your homeschooling years!
Maybe even the people out there reading this who haven't been homeschooled can share your thoughts about it as well, so that the people who have been homeschooled can confirm or deny your questions or thoughts!
Are there any of you out there who wished you had been homeschooled?

Alright, enough rambling, sage..

much love!~


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